You’ve been using the ‘pleading face’ emoji wrong & it actually means something VERY different

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You’ve been using the ‘pleading face’ emoji wrong & it actually means something VERY different

It’s our go-to emoji when we ask our partners to pick up takeout on the way home from get off work or try to play football without the kids.

But it turns out that the pleading face emoji has a very different meaning these days – and we’ve been using it incorrectly months.


‘Pleading face’ is known for something very different

Emojipedia’s emoji lieutenant, Keith Broni, claimed in an interview with Metro that we’ve always thought it was just an innocent, cute face that was outdated.

He explained: “The pleading face emoji is actually going down right now.

“At its peak in early to mid-2020, the pleading face was the third most popular emoji on Twitter, in part due to its association with the shy/shy meme (where the pleading face was used between the two finger emojis) ).”

But over the past 18 months, emoji have become associated with “simping” — defined by the Urban Dictionary as someone who has completely knocked back and wants to go to bed.

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The expert continued: “‘Simping can be considered quite cringe-given that the emotion/desire expressed is almost always by definition unrewarded–and it also does have a deprivation/desire that can be described in some NSFW fashion. Desperate connotation.

If you thought the thumbs up emoji was an easy and effective way to confirm text, we have some disturbing news.

Last year, a battle between the cast of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City put what we all know about emoji into question.

It all started when Heather Guy responded to Lisa Barlow’s party invitation with two thumbs up emojis.

Although she initially said the text was innocent, Heather later said: “Two thumbs up is fucking you, it’s the universal text code.”

When a producer asked her if the thumbs-up emoji meant “f**k you,” Heather replied, “Of course.”

However, this communication leaves people — who use the thumbs-up emoji in very different ways — completely confused.

One person wrote: “The thumbs up emoji mean you fuckin?!? Haha omg my boss won’t be happy with me.”

Another added: “Well, I just watched the new #RHOSLC episode, does the thumbs up emoji mean something I don’t know? Am I using it wrong all the time???”

That said, Urban Dictionary claims that emoji are still used as “signs of approval” and “good wishes” in response to everyday messages.

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